Down Payment Loans: The Loan to Get a Loan

Down Payment Loans for Larger Primary Loans

Most mortgages and other types of large loans require that you make a down payment, towards the initial principal balance, usually consisting of some percentage of the total amount of the loan, but it usually doesn't make sense to do that. For example, would you lend someone $100 only if they give you a $10 bill first, so you can feel more confident they'll pay you back the $90 they owe? No.

Down Payment Loans for Mortgages & Houses

To qualify for a $200,000 mortgage, for example, you may be required to put a "down payment" of $20,000 on the mortgage, just to qualify for a particular rate. Usually, the more you put down - up front - the better the rate you'll receive. But, for some, tying up that much cash would be a burden, or might just not make sense. You might need that money to invest in your business, or another venture, which could make more of a return for you than just parking it as "equity", which is to say, paid down principal on a loan - especially when that money could be elsewhere, making you more money than it would make you, sitting in your house. This is the same principle behind Home Equity Loans except HELOCs let homeowners access the money they've already paid into the home (or the mortgage), by using the house (if owned outright), or the percentage of the mortgage that's been paid (equity), as collateral. offers home improvement loans at good rates.

Down Payment Loans for Business Purposes

Just as you might not like to tie up your available cash if you're an individual consumer, you definitely don't want to tie up your liquid assets if you're a business entity. You can often get a down payment loan -after- having received your primary loan, and if you think about it, it's just borrowing money to access capital, so, it doesn't really matter whether you finance your downpayment beforehand or after the fact. Though, your credit may be in better shape *before* you take out the primary loan and you might get a better deal. offers small business loans at good rates and provides an instant quote for any small business loan.

Down Payment Loans for Miscellaneous Purposes

Others may like to keep a liquid safety net, a sort of "emergency fund", just in case they may ever need quick access to hard money.

Debt Consolidation Loans

In addition to regular down payment loans, debt consolidation loans are available which allow consumers to roll all of their revolving (credit card) or fixed (unsecured personal loan) debts into one larger loan. These loans have "fixed" rates and terms of either one, three, or five years. provides debt consolidation loans of this type, allowing credit card debts to be consolidated into a single loan with a better rate.

Down Payment Loans for Military Service Members

If you are a member or dependent of any branch of the armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard), there are personal loan options just for you. Please visit P2P Military Loans for special rates on loans to military members, up to $25k.

How to Get a Down Payment Loan

So, you fall into one of the above categories, and you're a bit more sophisticated than the average consumer. How can you get a down payment loan and who will provide one? Your credit is already looking good, since you're applying for a mortgage, but it's highly doubtful that the people you're getting the mortgage from will lend you the money to qualify for the mortgage deal that they want to make you, since they're the ones who want you to tie up your money (up front!) just so that *they* can feel a little better.

Learn About "P2P" Down Payment Loans

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